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Salon IMG_8170ChampagneHQ is your insiders guide to the best champagne brands and what goes into their bottles.

Almost every champagne drinker has their favourite, go-to label which was discovered through luck, trial and error, or a recommendation from someone they trust.

Through ChampagneHQ, you’ll learn what goes into these bottles, so you can understand what makes them so good.

Champagne can be made with several different grape varieties from different villages. It can be mixed in different proportions, fermented and aged in different ways, with more variations available to its makers than any other wine, creating vastly different styles.

Once you understand how your preferred champagne is assembled, you’ll be equipped to discover other champagnes that you’ll love, too.

The top Champagne Houses listed here.

The top Champagne Houses listed here.

Yes, we have a list of recommended champagnes which have been exclusively provided by international champagne expert, Tyson Stelzer.

While having a ‘top list’ in your back pocket is handy, it’s much better to understand why these bottles have been recommended in the first place. Don’t just take these recommendations and skip off to the wine shop.

We’ve created the sections below to teach you why the recommended champagnes are on the list, and it’s all free.  After reading it, you might never need to look at the list again.

While ChampagneHQ has some very detailed information to help champagne experts, we’ve deliberately made it a great place to start your champagne journey.

Champagne is unlike every other type of wine. It’s filled with labour-intensive processes which take time, require effort and cost money.

There are no shortcuts to producing great champagne.

Champagne has good years and bad years.  As we update ChampagneHQ, you will get behind-the-scenes information from our in-house champagne expert, Tyson Stelzer.

The easiest way to get the inside scoop is to subscribe to the ChampagneHQ insider list.  If you subscribe, you’ll receive a free chapter from Tyson’s award winning book, The Champagne Guide 2014-2015, which will teach you everything you need to know about Veuve Clicquot.

Click here to subscribe to the ChampagneHQ insider list and receive a free copy of Veuve Clicquot.

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