Champagne bottle codes

How to read the code on the champagne bottle to work out the date of bottling and date of disgorgement

Biodynamic champagne


Despite Champagne’s best efforts, the region’s erratic climate makes practising biodynamics or even organics a nail-biting pursuit.

Champagne scores – what they mean

Yes, it’s criminal to reduce a $100 bottle down to a number. But, wine critics around the world use a point system to provide a simple indicator of quality.

Why is rosé champagne so expensive?

Champagne Le Brun-Servenay

On average, rosé champagne is around 30% more expensive than white champagne. Why is rose champagne so expensive? We think it shouldn’t be.

How Champagne is Made


Understand the champagne-making process, and discover the telltale elements which make your favourite style taste the way it does.